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  • How long will the batteries last?Open or Close

    The average radio user transmits 5% percent of the time, listens 5% of the time, and has no radio traffic for the remaining 90% percent of his or her workday. In this scenario your battery will typically last 9 to 14 hours.

  • Where can I get a user manual?Open or Close

    Go to our products page, select your radio model, and select it from the available downloads.

  • How far will my radios talk?Open or Close

    The range of a 2-way radio varies depending upon the obstructions between the transmitting and receiving radio. Under ideal conditions, (no trees, buildings, terrain) a commercial grade radio can talk 5 miles. In real life conditions you will typically reach 2 to 3 miles. Vehicle mounted radios can double this distance. There are several other factors that can affect range such as weather, frequency band, and wattage of the radio.

  • How can I increase the range?Open or Close

    This can be accomplished with the use of a repeater. A repeater located at a high elevation can triple your range. Burlington Communication's sister company, FleetWave Partners, provides local and wide area repeater services for fleet businesses. You can also purchase your own repeater to increase your in-plant radio coverage or to increase the range of your police or fire departments radio system.

  • Are my radio tranmissions secure?Open or Close

    Analog two-way radio conversations are not secure. Most digital two-way radios offer some basic encryption to provide secure conversations.

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