GO DIGITAL NEXEDGE® & P25 Promotions

Written by Kenwood on 05/06/2013

PR-11-08LM February, 2013
GO DIGITAL NEXEDGE® Promotion Extended Thru May 31, 2013
GO DIGITAL End User Rebates
NEXEDGE® Series end user customers are eligible to receive rebates on their purchases of five (or
more) NEXEDGE® NX Series portable or mobile radios, or five (or more) 10 Series P25 portable or mobiles.
Rebates for purchased quantities of five or more units will receive applicable rebate amount (in below table).
Maximum allowable quantity per company/agency is 250 units/rebates.

Radio Series Rebate Amount
NX Series Portables $60
NX Series Mobiles $60
The “GO DIGITAL” User Rebate Program begins February 9, 2011 and continues thru April 15, 2011. Rebate claim forms can be submitted
online: https://kenwoodcomm.4myrebate.com. The NEXEDGE® GO DIGITAL rebate promotion code is # KWC-20006
Terms and Conditions:
Eligible radios must be sold, delivered and invoiced to an end user during the promotion period- Feb 9th, - May31, 2013
    •    Purchases must be for a minimum of five (5) qualifying NEXEDGE or P25 10 Series radios; Rebates calculated at $60 per unit (NX) or
    •    $100/$150 per unit (P25) for five or more units purchased; maximum rebate quantity per End User Company / agency is 250 units.
    •    Rebates will NOT be paid on radios invoiced to end users before or after the promotion period.
    •    Please allow 4 weeks from receipt of the submission form to receive rebates. All rebate forms must be received by June 10, 2013.
    •    To receive a rebate, end user customers must fill out the rebate submission form online at https://kenwoodcomm.4myrebate.com (all model and serial numbers should be listed) and provide a copy of the customer’s receipt and original UPC Bar Code. Product stickers or copies of the UPC Bar codes will not be accepted. All back up documentation must be postmarked by June 10, 2013.
    •    The rebate promotion code is KWC-20006
    •    Rebates are offered to end us ers only; Kenwood dealers and dealer employees are ineligible to participate.